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Rating: 10/10
(by dsp.mutagene.net) - Free!!
A comb filter effect based on the core code from MutantKoto. This might make it slightly similar to ConcreteFX's more fully specified... (info)
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Macomate 88

Rating: 0/10
(by dsp.mutagene.net) - Free!!
Array of 88 comb filters tuned using a .TUN microtuning file with feedback path. Is sensitive to MIDI input, with channels 1 and 3-16 activating their corresponding filters and channel 2... (info)
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Rating: 7/10
(by dsp.mutagene.net) - Free!!
Same basic idea as mWarped Linear Prediction Filter, but this time the filter can have a higher order, the residual signal after whitening can be shifted faster or slower, saturated or... (info)



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