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Rating: 0/10
(by Expert Sleepers) - Commercial
Merger is a utility plug-in that combines two audio channels into one. This is typically useful for e.g. vocoder plug-ins that expect their two inputs on either side of a stereo pair. In ... (info)
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Latency Fixer

Rating: 0/10
(by Expert Sleepers) - Commercial
The plug-in reports to the host application that it has a latency (controlled by the plug-in parameters) but does not actually apply any processing to the audio signal. This causes the host ... (info)
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iZotope Vinyl

Rating: 8/10
(by iZotope, Inc.) - Free!!
The ultimate lo-fi weapon, iZotope Vinyl uses 64-bit processing and advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create authentic "vinyl" simulation, as if the audio was a record being... (info)
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DreamStation DXi2

Rating: 9/10
(by Audio Simulation) - Free!!
DreamStation DXi2 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer plugin based on DreamStation I. It can be used from within compatible host application(s) supporting DirectX... (info)
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DivX Codec

Rating: 0/10
(by DivX, Inc.) - Commercial
Free your media by converting to DivX video � efficient compression, high performance and great video quality. The DivX Codec takese power of advanced digital video compression to... (info)
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XviD Codec

Rating: 8/10
(by XviD) - Free!!
Xvid is an open-source research project focusing ono compression and is a collaborative development effort. All code is released under the terms of the GNU GPL license. The Xvid... (info)
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