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Zero Vector

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Zero Vector
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Zero Vector is a unique combination of Virtual Analog synth, ROM Wavetable Synth, and Vector Synth.


* 3 Oscillators with 'Clone' control. Clone creates a detuned copy of the osc, effectively making ZV a 6 osc synth.
* Unique vector pad to control mixing between 3 OSC's. Includes the ability to record vector motions and have them play back with each note
* Standard Saw, Square, Triangle, Square waves along with dozens of more exotic ones like enharmonic waves, metallic tones, noise, sampled strings, and more.
* Great analog style filters. Standards like LP, BP, HP, Notch, plus unique Vocal Filters. Filters can be overdriven and feature selectable distortion effects.
* Sync, FM, and Ringmod
* 2 visually drawable Multi Env's. These flexible envelopes can also double as LFO's of any shape.
* Mod matrix
* FX Section - Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Reverb, EQ and Delay per patch
* XY Pad for on screen control of modulation
* Poly Unison mode for extreme phatness - up to 6 detuned voices may be stacked on each note.
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