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X-Amp - Virtual Guitar Amplifier:
Key Features:
- Classic Amp Sounds: From subtle Blues to Hi-Gain Metal
- Choose between 4 Different Tube Types or Solid State for even more Sound shaping options
- Completely Bypass the Amp sections to use Effects Standalone
- 2 Individual Channels: Crunch/Clean (A) & Hi-Gain (B)
- Flexible Sound Controls
- Built-in Tube Driver for Hi-Gain Channel - Same as TD-1X (can be Bypassed)
- Variable Cabinet Emulation (can be Bypassed)
- Tan Snakeskin finish :)
- Best of all: FREE.
free vst plugin, pc.

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System Requirements:

Windows All

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Software Info:

  • Developer: Project-X
  • Downloads: 826 time(s)
  • Added: January 05, 2011
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Sub Category: VST Effects
  • Rating: Rating: 0/10   0/10 0 Voters
  • License: Free!!

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