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WusikGrooveBox is a "Total Groove Solution" based on the same engine as Wusikstation.

Features / specification:

* VSTi Synth based on the WusikEngine: 6 single Osc Layers, each layer with its own set of Filters and EQs.
* Extra options for the WusikSND format: Stereo-Pan (for mono sounds) and Choke-groups. This is accessible via the sample-editor and used only by the WusikGrooveBox.
* 8 Sequences on the screen, with a two-page-selector for a total of 16 Sequences.
* Each Sequence has 16 steps on the screen. Each step can be a drum-trigger and note-sequence (each Sequence has an option of Drum or Note steps). A total of 64 steps can be set for each pattern, by using multiple 16-step windows.
* 8 Banks of 8 Patterns for a total of 64 Patterns per instance.
* Song mode, where you put the order of the patterns to be played. With option to Repeat Patterns and Loop the whole Song.
* Option to Sync the Clock External or Internally (with the External Sync ON the sequence will follow the Hosts Transport Time, Position, Start and Stop).
* Each pattern has its own resolution: 1/16 or 1/32.
* Each pattern has its own number of steps. To allow the creation of uneven patterns. Up to 64 Steps.
* Each Step has an option of 8 levels of Velocity (volume). This is optional, you can also use the Accent Part instead. For easier and quicker groove creation.
* A 9th Sequence on the screen, that holds the ACCENT sequence. This is OPTIONAL, as you can also set the volume of each Step manually. Or you can use this global ACCENT (volume) setting that will affect all sequences.
* Each Step has a SHIFT option, so you can add early/late steps directly without having to change the resolution (internally all steps are based on a 1/128 resolution).
* Each Step has FLAM option.
* Each Step has a Slide and Note-Off option, for complex Bass/Synth lines.
* Global Swing option.
* You can control the steps by using the Mouse, PC or MIDI keyboard.
* You can trigger patterns remotely by using the MIDI keyboard. With 3 modes: Off, Instant and Delayed.
* Global BPM Tempo or Per-Pattern Tempos. So you can do tempo changes on a Song.

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Wusik releases Wusikstation v5.2.8 with GrooveBox Integration and updates WusikGrooveBox to v1.2.0 26th August 2008
Wusik releases WusikGrooveBox and launches Summer Group Buy 7th August 2008
User Reviews by KVR Members for WusikGrooveBox.


By loggan2
On 7th August 2008
Version: 1.0.0

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I just moved back to Windows, been a MAC user for quiet some time. And I'm happy I did, as I'm using mostly Wusikstation and this new GrooveBox solution on all my songs.

CPU usage is just extremely low, I'm really impressed by that.

Its very easy to quickly create grooves and drum-tracks with this program. There are some videos provided to help you along, just visit the products page to see them. I bet wusik will release more in the future.

I'm using mostly my own sounds in WAV format. So I load each sound on a new layer. Having 6 layers really helps. As I can process each sound individually. For instance, my snare drum I add a Gate Reverber, right inside the program, using the INSERT option.

I can also filter and EQ each layer, which is very nice.

Since it uses the same engine as wusikstation, they offer an integrated version. What does that mean? That you can actually use Wusikstation for everything. Using only one program for both solutions.

I'm doing that, so I always add ws to my tracks, and decide what I will do next.

Each step has a shift option, so you can make a step delay a bit or just play ahead. This is handy, so you can keep things at 1/16 of time per step and make adjustments as you go. The swing option is also great, to make the patterns play more like an human drummer. I usually leave it off, as I like to do my own shift-per-step options. Having a FLAM option per step is also nice, to create more dynamic grooves.

I'm not using the bass/synth options much, but from the video I see from wusik's site, it seems to be very easy.

The program is very stable, haven't had any crashes yet. Suport is top-notch, as I had to request a new download url due to some local problems, and williamk replied me in 5 minutes. Impressive. I had some problems with wusikstation before, and williamk found a solution in a few hours. I see that he's been on the forum a lot, so you can always reach him.

Right now, from what I see, the program only come with one set of drum-sounds. But since I use my own sounds, its not a problem. And today I read from Wusik's site that they will offer more free sounds to current users, so that's a plus.

Value for the money? I would say, SUPERB! 50 bucks for new users, or you can get with a membership, which I did, for free!!

I'm still learning my way around the program, but its very simple to use after you watch the videos they provide.
Last edited by loggan2 on 7th August 2008 Report
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Product: WusikGrooveBox
Developer: Wusik
Type: Drum Sampler
Price: $49.95
OS: Windows
Formats: VST
WusikGrooveBox is a "Total Groove Solution" based on the same engine as Wusikstation. Features / specification: VSTi Synth based on the WusikEngine: 6 single Osc Layers, each layer with its own set of Filters and EQs. Extra options for the WusikSND format: Stereo-Pan (for mono sounds) and Choke-groups. This is accessible via the sample-editor and used only by the WusikGrooveBox. 8 Sequences on the screen, with a two-page-selector for a total of 16 Sequences. Each Sequence has 16 steps on the screen. Each step can be a drum-trigger and note-sequence (each Sequence has an option ... [more]

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