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Wusik Tools

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Wusik Tools
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Wusik VST Tools are a set of tools for processing VST plug-ins. They load in your VST host just like a regular VST plug-in, but then allow you to load another VST plug-in and process it depending on the tool selected.

Wusik Tool ARP features a step-grid and ARP Speed selector. Regular Up, Down, Up-Down and Random modes. Each for the option of up to 3 octaves.

Wusik Tool Melody: You play a chord in the lower section of the MIDI-keyboard, and the upper section white-keys will follow the chord you play. So, for instance, if you play 2 keys at the lower area, those 2 keys will be used for all the white keys on the upper area, going one octave up every 2 keys. This way, you can just worry about the chords, and play anything on the white keys upper area, and they will stay on the melody. You can even build up a more complex melody by sequencing the lower area with several keys, lets say, 8 keys, and just play the white keys on the upper area while the sequencer plays the lower chords. A Sustain pedal can also be set to work only on the lower area. So you hold sustain, play several keys on the lower area, and the upper area will follow that logic. This tool has 3 modes: Free Chord Play, One Finger Chord - where you can assign up to 12 chords to unique keys and Transposer Key/Octave mode.

Wusik Tool Over-Sampler: Let you load a VSTi and select 2 to 4 times over-sampling. So, if you are at 48khz, at 2x oversampling you get 96khz which should result in a much smoother sound with less aliasing.
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