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Warmer Phaser XD-78's

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Warmer Phaser XD-78's
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The Warmer Phaser XD-78's has been designed specifically to introduce users of the Mackie Spike Recording Package to the amazing sound and distinctive features of Nomad Factory products. Per request from Mackie Designs, we have developed an exceptional Special Edition plug-in that will put to rest all misconceptions about the harshness of digital audio processing. The incredibly warm sound of this phaser is a result of the best tube emulation available in a pro audio plug-in. The Warmer Phaser XD-78's is free for all purchasers of the Mackie Spike Recording Package. Designed by musicians for musicians, the Warmer Phaser XD-78's is an essential tool for your virtual studio.
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System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP
Mac OS X

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