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Volko Alaturka Drum

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Volko Alaturka Drum
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Would you like an authentic drummer at hand? Volko Alaturka Drum is waiting for you, with its high quality sounds, user friendly interface and its preinstalled ready to use authentic rhythms. With only a few steps you can include your authentic drummer in your music. Volko Alaturka Drum adds new colours to you music by bringing the rhythms of Middle East, North Africa, Arabia and Anatolia. Just select the rhythm you would like and push the "play" button.

General Features:

* Real-time tempo change.
* 900 MB 24/44.1 high quality sample library.
* 10 velocity layers for every sound.
* 3 drum kits:
1. Gretsch - Renown Maple.
2. Gretsch - Vintage Antique 1970.
3. Istanbuldrums - Bubinga-Maple-Woodhoop.
* Natural and processed samples.
* 36 Authentic styles.
* 24 different variations and fills under every style.
* Transferring the rhythm to the server (host) program with the Drag&Drop function.
* Direct usage of any style with any drum kit instantly.
* Humanizing feature, limiter and reverb.
* Grouping mixer.
* For every channel play, Mute/Solo, velocity level, reverb, volume and 8 stereo output settings.
* With Internal BPM, usability independent from the tempo of the host program (e.g. using tempo 60 as 120).


* Ayoub-Zar, Baio, Chiftetelli.
* Churchuna, Dabkkah, Darig.
* Daza, Dishka, Fallahi.
* Fazani, Jirk, Karachi.
* Laz Havasi, Libi, Maghrebi.
* Maksum, Malfuf, Mambo Sudani.
* Masmoudy Kebir, Nubian Reggae, Nubian Samba.
* Rai, Rhumba Khaligi, Rhumba Masri.
* Roman Havasi, Saidi, Samai Thakil.
* Sudasi, Sufi, Tom Tom.
* Uncle Fallahi, Wahda, Wahrani.
* Wals, Zafa, Zorofat.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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