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Voices & Choirs

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Voices & Choirs
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Voices & Choirs includes 7 GB of content and about 4,000 samples and 200 patches and is one of the largest ethnic vocal sample projects in the world. All voices have been recorded with the finest state-of-the-art tube technology and then mastered with professional high quality plug-ins. Great care has been exercised to transmit the authenticity of the singers. This library includes all voices and choirs from the full version Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices.


* Native American Phrases.
* Cameroon Voices & Phrases.
* Guinean Voices & Phrases.
* Chinese Opera Voices & Phrases.
* Iranian Voices & Phrases.
* Turkish Voices & Muezzin Phrases.
* Bulgarian Voices & Phrases.
* Ukrainian Traditional Phrases.
* Peruvian Voices & Phrases.
* Ethnic European Vocals.
* Boy Solo Voices & Phrases.
* Gregorian Phrases.
* Ethnic Chamber Choir.
* Human Whistling.
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