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VocEQPro is a special vocal equalizer. It comes in two versions, VOCEQPRO and VOCEQPRO-C, which includes a compressor effect. (also stereo versions).

- 4 bands mono Vocal equalizer.
- 65Hz ~ 7K (15K).
- Gender presets for male - female - default (- off VocEqPro-C only)
- 8 patch presets.
- Boost modes: Pre-Mid-Air.
- Gender attenuation controls.
- Auto-limiter on main output with limit-led (VocEqPro-C only).
- Compressor with Attack-Release-Ratio-Threshold
- and on/off controls (VocEqPro-C only).
- Vu-meters with zoom buttons.
- For use on mono vocal tracks. (or download ST version)
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System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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