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ViSYNTH is a monophonic synthesizer based on Synth Lite by MFB (but is not intended as a software clone).


* Oscillators: 2 with saw, square, pulse waveforms.
* Sub oscillator: 1 with a square waveform.
* Oscillator mode: ring-modulation 1*2, 1*2*3 and oscillator sync.
* Modulator: triangle, saw down, square and one shot saw down. The modulator can be set to the oscillators pitch and the filter's cutoff amount. If the oscillator 2 is set to pulse, the modulator acts as pulse-width-modulation.
* Filter: 24db low-pass filter with envelope modulation (ADSR 1) and CV (note pitch) modulation.
* VCA: the ADSR 2 is set to the VCA (when the release value in the system settings is set to 0 the amount of the decay = the amount of the release value).
* Global settings: modulation wheel: can be set to oscillator pitch or filter's cutoff velocity sensitivity.
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