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UX3 is a ws-engine-based sample library featuring "ultra fat, crystal clear, monster bass, cutting leads and wide pads". This 2.3 GB sample library includes over 300 Presets. UX3 is expandable with specific sample libraries too.

UX3 includes acoustic instruments, orchestral, vintage synthesizers, choirs - everything what you need for any music production, film music, soundscapes and ambient or special sound effects. Every sample instrument is hand picked, specially designed and useful for layering with others.

Typical Presets names and sample library content: DynaPolyMoog, Orchestral Hall, Planetarium Show FX, Violins and more, VanGelix, Sync Waterfall, Synthbrass Section, Glass Set, JMJ Hyptro, MyMoog OY, Pink Fluids, Dual Bass, Digi Hyper, Center Earth FX, AnaDigi Choir, Asteroid Pad and many more.
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