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UltraChopper is a high end volume and filter chopper plugin. It has a 16-slider-sequencer for volume, cutoff and resonance values. Also, 10 automatable patterns can be programmed per preset.

UltraChopper features 5 filter, 2 lowpass, 2 highpass, one bandpass filter and also variable interpolation (fading between 2 values) of filter and volume values. The shuffle function works well at 4/4 measures as for house music. You can change the speed multiplicator of patterns with the factor knob.

Last but not least you have cutoff and resonance knobs for controlling overall cutoff/resonance amounts.

UltraChopper syncs to all common hosts, especially to samplePos-hosts like Cubase, Orion, Renoise and Logic. But also on Buzz and other hosts which do not submit timing information you can sync this effect to your song.


* Internal 32 bit float calculation.
* Variable filter- and volume interpolation.
* A 3x16x10 slider sequencer.
* 5 filter algorithms.
* Pattern automation.
* Overall cutoff and resonance.
* Speed multiplier.
* 4/4 shuffle.
* Auto default bank load.
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