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Trance Gate

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Trance Gate
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TranceGate is best described as a tremolo on steroids. The collection of vertical bars at the top of the screenshot represent volume levels. The signal can be described as traveling from the far left of the bars to the far right of the bars, and as it hits each bar, the volume level of that bar is applied to it. If the bar is all the way at the top, the volume level is full, likewise all the way down it is off. The speed of the effect is controllable via the host tempo and the note duration control. There is also an adjustable sweeping filter, featuring 5 different wave form shapes and 6 different types of filters. Also included is a proprietary AcmeBarGig mono/stereo delay from DIG.


* Powerful tremolo effect, consisting of individually adjustable bars for setting the volume levels of each stage of the tremolo.
* Depth knob allows for a variety of uses, from subtle to over the top excess.
* Sweeping filter, with 5 wave forms and 6 filter types.
* Mono/Stereo delay.
* Each section individually bypassable.
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