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TimewARP 2600

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TimewARP 2600
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TimewARP 2600 is an emulation of the classic ARP 2600 analog synthesizer.

Synth Features:

* 3 VCOs - all capable of generating audio band and Low Frequency (LF) signals.
* 1 Lo-Pass Resonant Filter - supports variable-depth self-oscillation and audio band and LF control modulation.
* 1 Sample & Hold - driven by either an internal, external, or MIDI Beat Clock. Can also be used as LFO source.
* 1 Ring Modulator.
* 1 Noise Generator - adjustable from white to red noise.
* 2 Envelope Generators - 1 ADSR, 1 AR.
* 1 Envelope Follower.
* 1 VCA - 2 audio inputs, 1 linear control input, 1 exponential control input. Also has initial gain control.
* 4 plug multiple module.
* Stereo Reverb.
* Output Pan.
* Electronic Switch.
* Lag Processor - LF filtering from 1.2 to 1200Hz.
* 2 Inverter Modules - both with attenuable inputs.
* Preamp In - mono or stereo.

Keyboard Features:

* Virtual ARP 3620 Keyboard.
* Variable-rate portamento, octave switch, pitch bend, LFO controls including delayed sine wave vibrato depth and speed.
* LFO Outputs - include square, triangle, and sine waves.
* External LFO-In - allows keyboard voltages to be modulated by any signal present on the TimewARP 2600.
* Interval Latch Switch - will latch a two note interval for use as single key play.
* 2 Upper Voice Outputs.
* Multiple or Single Trigger Mode - provides for single or multiple gates for slurred notes.
* Keyboard Repeat Mode - provides auto repeat or repeat on key-press synchronized to keyboard LFO and MIDI Beat Clock.
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