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The DrumSource

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The DrumSource
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The Drumsource is a drum machine plug-in.


* 24 tracks for 12 drums, where each drum can be programmed with the 16-step sequencer (i.e. 16 playable positions in 1 bar (4 beats)).
* You control which of the 24 patterns is played with MIDI octaves 2-3.
* The sequencer can be synced against a host.
* Each drum has its own stereo output channel.
* There is a mode for not using the sequencer of The DrumSource - i.e. you can play the samples with a MIDI keyboard (with velocity).
* The sequencer can be synced by The DrumSource ("stand-alone"). There is no knob for the tempo however, but you can change the tempo by changing the tempo of your host.
* The built in file browser makes it easy to change samples while the sequencer is playing (drum audition) and almost all functions of The DrumSource are available while browsing.
* The browsed sample starts playing the moment it is chosen in the browser.
* No global menus. The DrumSource uses only context menus that can be easily invoked by a press of the right mouse button.
* Support for.fxb. The DrumSource data is saved as editable text in the.fxb file so it is possible to rescue data when you for example change path for you main sample catalog.
* The samples are shown by the name of the sample file in the top of the sample controller. But if you give it your own name this name will be the one shown, even if you change the sample file.
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