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Multi modular synthesis

* Realtime software synthesizer.
* 12 independent modular synthesizer (parts).
* For every part you have a sound program with wireless module patching, settings for the sound parameters and the modulation matrix.
* Multi layer/key split: up to 12 sound programs can be played simultaneously or can be assigned to different keyboard zones.

Intelligent modulation matrix

* Route 21 modulation sources to 81 possible destinations.
* The characteristics of the modulation is automatically adjusted due to the used source and destination.
* Nearly every parameter can be controlled by the modulation matrix.

Sound library

* The supplied sound library contains over 800 sound programs.
(Including 808/909/303...)

3 user interface levels

* Navigate through 8-dimensional sound spaces with controllable speed.
* Change every parameter of the sound program.
* Change the module patching to create your own synth.
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