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SynthStudio Pack II - Extra Tools

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SynthStudio Pack II - Extra Tools
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SynthStudio Pack II - Extra Tools is a varied collection of character synths, utilities and effects that can change the way you interact with you existing instruments.

SynthStudio Pack II is available only as a pack with a 'lifetime' license, and includes:

* WaveLine: Wave Sequencing sample plying synth.
* Cluster: 8 Osc Synth semi-Additive Space Synth.
* Atlas: 2 Osc Digital/Analog Synth with distinctive Multi Effects.
* Glaz: 4 Osc FM synth w. Matrix and Filter.
* HelioVox: digital synth that is great for choir and rubbery sounds.
* LS-01: simple sample synth with layering abilities.
* Seq 28-116: Dual 8-note pattern Sequencer/Arp w. 16 step CC pattern.
* Mod-u-Law: 3 x MIDI LFOs + MIDI ADSR Env.
* BandWerks: 16 band Fixed Filter Bank/Character Eq.
* Smear Campaign: Ring Modulator into a Frequency Split Modulated Delay.
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