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SynthStudio Pack I

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SynthStudio Pack I
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SynthStudio Pack is a collection of synthesizers, effects and utilities to form the core of a VST studio setup.

SynthStudio Pack is available only as a pack with a 'lifetime' license, and includes:

* Wavesphere - 4 Tone Sample Synth with 24/48db Filter.
* Janus - 3 Osc Analog Synth with 24db + 12db Filters.
* Castor - 2 Osc Analog Synth with 12/24/36 db Filter.
* Pollux - Tri Osc Bass/Lead Synth & Filterbank with 12/24db LP/HP/BP Filter.
* Cosmo 201 - Casio CZ emulator with Filter and Overdrive.
* Time - Modulating Delay.
* Space - Reverb Unit.
* Depth - Phaser/Flanger/Chorus Multi-FX.
* Mix - Mix Strip Functions.
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