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Super Spook Keys

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Super Spook Keys
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Designed to re-create the sound of a 'Theramin' and offering control either using a MIDI keyboard or using the mouse to drag the glowing spot across the 'chart' for more authentic 'Theramin' style play. �Super Spook Keys� goes much further than the original �Spook Keys� and includes the following features:

* sine, sawtooth, triangle and pulse waves, plus simple wave shaping
* variable key in and out response
* humanising �vary� control
* variable LFO for vibrato and tremolo
* pan, chorus (detuning), stereo spread and glide controls
* addition of filtered noise to add a bit of grime
* adjustable frequency range on main control
* midi CC60 and CC61 for x and y on main control respectively
* spring on or off function
* new �gourmet� interface design
* filtered, ping-pong, stereo delay.
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