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* 13 instruments / 5 types of synthesis: physical modeling, analog modeling, wavetable morphing, substractive synthesis, sample playback
* 10 real-time effects
* Sample rate/Bit depth: 44.1 KHz/24 bits
* MIDI control: Storms synths playable and recordable through a MIDI keyboard/slave and master MIDI sync
* VST instrument (with Cubase VST, Logic Audio 5, Orion,..)
* ReWire mixer or device (with Reason, Live, Sonar,...)
* Automatic tempo or tonality synchronization of samples with synthesized sounds ( time-stretching and pitch-shifting)
* Included samples:500 MB of WAV files
* File formats: 16/24-bit WAV, 16-24-bit AIFF, MP3 (import/export)
* Automatic change of key with the Kepler module
* Audio recording with the EZtrack module
* Integrated sequencer
* Unlimited undo
* Shuffle function
* 2 composition modes: live or static (step-by-step)
* ASIO support on both Mac and PC
* Compatible with a multiple I/O sound card
* Full studio automation
* Ability to share resources and chat with other users in the Storm Hall
* Composition Wizard: helps the user composing in the music style of his/her choice
* FREE new modules to download from Arturia web site
* FREE studio updates to download from Arturia web site
* FREE sample banks to download from Arturia web site
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