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Spatialization plugin which is able to process two inputs to sixteen outputs inside a 3D space. Separate control for the left and right inputs with possibility to link left and right with various symmetry controls in real time. The sixteen loudspeakers can be freely positioned.

The movements of the sources can be animated in several ways:

* Record : the movement can be recorded in realtime and replayed with transformations.
* Steps : sixteen 3D steps path, with manual, timed or cyclic control.
* Curves : three modulators are combined for creating realtime evolving 3D curves.
* Amplitude and frequency analysis of the input to modulate the sound position or params of other modules.
* Envelopes : the X, Y and Z axis are controlled with free graphic envelopes.
* Levels : individual levels of the 32 channels can be modulated by the faders of a control surface and chained with a keyboard.
* Octophonic delay and reverb pre-assigned to outputs 9 to 16.
* Plus a stereo file player and a 16 channels audio recorder (8 synchronized stereo files).
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