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SpatDelays 167

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SpatDelays 167
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* Sixteen independent delay lines*.
* Graphic setup of time and feedback values.
* Three acceleration curves.
* Individual mutes.
* Global time and feedback settings.
* Time modulation oscillator with 15 waveforms, with inertia value for smooth textures.
* Six slots for graphic "snapshots" (4 for times and 2 for feedbacks).
* Bi-dimensional control surface for easy recall of the snapshots and "morphing" between them, with 10 interpolation curves and inertia setting.
* Individual spatial position of the 16 delays inside a 2D space.
* Free arrangement of 7 speakers, compatible with the 5.0 to 7.0 standards.
* Spatial area settings for each delay to allow precise and effective imaging.
* MIDI Learn function.
* 128 patches.

* NOTE: The full featured freeware version has 8 delays instead of 16.
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