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RS124 Compressor

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RS124 Compressor
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The RS124 Compressor plug-in provides authentic emulations of the valve compressors that were introduced in 1960 and in constant use at the Abbey Road Studios throughout the decade. This is the sound of Abbey Road '60s recordings. Their warm, creamy sonic personality and unique features such as the 'HOLD' function made them the compressor of choice for recording, mixing and mastering. Each unit was hand-built and exclusive to Abbey Road Studios and are still in use at the studios today.

The RS124 Compressor Plug-in modeled three of the best units from the Abbey Road collection using the original hardware and circuit diagrams with extensive listening tests taking place at Abbey Road under the guidance of Abbey Road's Director of Engineering, Peter Cobbin. Both sonically and visually, the plug-in provides accurate software emulations of the three modeled units, faithfully recreating their behavior and subtly different sonic character. Abbey Road is also proud of the fact they have created one the worlds first dedicated Dynamics LCR plug-in, allowing users to 'stack' all three units on top of one another – as if you were in the studio.

In addition to what was found on the original units, users can enjoy a new surprise feature. This extra function is described as "wonderfully brutal and guaranteed to make your drums jump out of the speakers".

Key Features:

* Three authentic compressor models based on vintage Abbey Road units.
* Each model recreates the sound and behaviour of the hardware unit.
* Authentic replication visually and sonically of the original hardware.
* Tested and approved by Abbey Road Studios' Director of Engineering, Peter Cobbin.
* Added SuperFuse mode for more aggressive compression effect.
* Dedicated LCR version allowing Pro Tools HD users to 'stack' all three units on top of one another.
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