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Rough Rider Pro

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Rough Rider Pro
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Rough Rider Pro, a multi-band compressor, is a much more sophisticated version of AD's popular (and controversial) free Rough Rider compressor. Featuring three bands of compression, with full control over each band, Rough Rider Pro is designed for extreme compression, with ratios up to 1000:1, an extremely short attack time for distortion effects, and multiple routings.


* Isolator section for simple control of input frequencies.
* Multi-band mode, for a single Rough Rider compressor on each band.
* Series mode, for three Rough Riders in a row.
* Attack time goes as low as 0.1ms, for use as a distortion unit.
* Ratio of 1:1 to 1000:1 for complete control of signal dynamics.
* MIDI learn for hardware control of all parameters (VST only).
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