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Rock Amp Legends

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Rock Amp Legends
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Rock Amp Legends by Jimmy Crespo is a collaboration between Nomad Factory and guitarist Jimmy Crespo to custom-build the definitive guitar amp simulator plug-in.


* Amp Simulator (impulse response of various British and American Rock Amp Models).
* Input (with Low and High level).
* Stage Tube Emulation (with X1 and X2).
* Tremolo (with Rate and Depth).
* Auto-Pan (with Rate and Depth).
* Stereo Imager (spatializer).
* Chorus (with LFO Speed, Depth, and Mix).
* Phaser (with LFO Speed, Depth, and Mix).
* Delay (with Time, Feedback, Width and Mix controls).
* Compressor (with, Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, Pre/Post insert and Makeup Gain).
* Noise Gate (with, Attack, Release, Threshold, Hold Pre/Post insert and Range).
* EQ (Presence, Treble, Middle and Bass).
* Reverb.
* Master Volume.
* Parametric Equalizer (3 band).
* Drive (Overdrive).
* 44.1/48Khz.
* Low CPU requirements.
* Authorize Disk (Receiving an authorization License file).
* Pace iLok support (Authorizing an iLok key) Sold separately.
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