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Part of the Nautilus Bundle.

RiverRun is a versatile real time granular synthesizer.

Audio from the sequencer's tracks or directly from a disk file, can be streamed into and frozen in RiverRun. Tiny particles of the audio (grains) are pushed through an envelope generator, pitched and scattered across the output channels according to the surface controls.

There is no synthesis technique that sounds quite like RiverRun's granular synthesis, so be sure to check out the immense Gregorian monk choirs that can be created out of a single utterance. Or use RiverRun as a microscope as the grain cursor progresses through the snapshot at a hundredth of normal speed, dissecting a single guitar strum into a wealth of distinct stages. With the 'Rhythmic' mode it is possible to groove random samples locked to tempo, while they are simultaneously transposed to pre- selected chord pitches.
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