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ReWire VST

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ReWire VST
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ReWire VST is a virtual instrument for VST compatible hosts. It allows you to record audio from other host applications directly into XT Software's energyXT, or any other host supporting the VST standard. For instance, you can fire up Reason and record its instruments and devices directly into energyXT for further editing and mixing.


* Playback and record instruments and devices from Propellerhead's Reason or Ableton's Live directly in energyXT.
* Add/record multi-track audio functionality to your Reason projects and render to wav/aif/mp3.
* Add ReWire master-functionality to host applications lacking this feature.


* 1 stereo and 6 mono audio channels.
* Up to 128 MIDI mappings from energyXT to Reason.
* Option to sync playback on/off.
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