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RedTron_MKV emulates the "Mellotron MKV" (essentially a double M400), one of the rarest Mellotrons ever made.


* Six sound types: 3 Violins, 8-Voice Choir, Flute, Brass, String Section, Cello.
* "Loop" and "Non-Loop" modes: as the original "Mellotron", each sound is eight seconds long but you can switch to "Loop Mode" and allows the samples to loop continuously.
* Layer possibilities & independent parameters for layer A & B:
o Volume, Tone, Reverb, Delay, Pan, Octave, Note & Attack parameters.
o Delay effect (Amount, Time, Feedback & Pan parameters).
o Reverb effect (Mix, Width, Size & Damp parameters).
* Pitch control.
* Can be used as Soundfont Player to mix any .sf2 file with "Tron sounds" or to extend the sound palette.
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