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Ray Gun Pro

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Ray Gun Pro
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Ray Gun Pro cleans up scratchy vinyl's pops and clicks, hum, rumble, tape hiss, noisy dialog, HVAC noise and any track with poor sonic quality, leaving your original sound intact.


* Intelligent Search Function: Ray Gun finds and eliminates noise, all by itself. Fine-tune the processing using Ray Gun's simple Attenuation, Threshold and Sensitivity controls.
* Noise Reduction: Ray Gun uses fast spectral analysis, a downward expansion function and special search-and-destroy noise busting technology to reduce or eliminate broadband noise, including fan sound and tape hiss.
* Pop/Click Removal: Ray Gun finds the spikes, clicks and pops in your file, and seamlessly removes them from your audio.
* Filtering: Get rid of pesky 60-cycle hum and low-end rumble. For European electrical systems they've also included 50-cycle hum filtering.
* Level Correction: If the noise reduction you've selected is so extreme that the overall level is decreased, you can make up for the volume loss at the output stage.
* Enhancement: The Enhancements section of Ray Gun DirectX offers a classical bass/treble equalizer and a stereo enhancer.
* Automation: When used within a Windows DirectX plug-in host that supports this feature Ray Gun Pro DX parameter changes can be fully automated.
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