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Quartz is a unique multi-effect plug-in that turns the simplest sounds into ever evolving rhythmic soundscapes. But that's not everything. It is also a source of creative modulation which can be used to control parameters outside of Quartz such as software instruments, plug-ins or even external MIDI equipment.

Quartz gets its name from the fact that all Line and LFO modulations work to the audio sample rate, ensuring sample accurate parameter modulation.

Quartz effect modules and features:

* Auto - Panning.
* Auto - Gain.
* Two independent Multimode Filters with high quality oversampling modes.
* Tempo-synced Stereo Delay to create dub- and tape-delay effects.
* Wave Shaper to add extra distortion and saturation.
* 4 independent, tempo-syncable LFOs (0.01Hz up to 2.1 kHz).
* 4 unique Modulation Lines (each with up to 200 points).
* Quick-access browsers and a huge library of Presets and Modulation Line templates.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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