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Prism - The Pitch Designer

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Prism - The Pitch Designer
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Prism - The Pitch Designer is a multi-band pitch shifter that takes a fresh approach to solve the problem of shifting the pitch of complex sound sources in realtime.

Prism splits the spectrum in to 27 bands and applies a different amount of frequency shifting to each band emulating a harmonic pitch shifting. This gives you perfect pitch shifting for all kind of drum sounds over a vast shifting range of +/- five octaves without disturbing the transients or introducing metallic distortions. With harmonic sounds you will get "inharmonicities" but it's much better behaved than pure frequency shifting. The extreme range of shifting gives you access to a vast field of unknown sonic territory.


* 27 band realtime frequency shifter.
* 27 band equalizer.
* Linear phase precision filters for maximal transparency.
* +/- 5 octaves frequency shift per band.
* Envelope follower controlled pitch modulation.
* LFO controlled pitch modulation.
* Surround operation (only available for AU / RTAS / VST3 version).
* Minimized latency ( 12 ms ).
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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Software Info:

  • Developer: VirSyn
  • Downloads: 1,903 time(s)
  • Added: January 29, 2011
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Sub Category: VST Effects
  • Rating: Rating: 7/10   7/10 4 Voters
  • License: Commercial

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