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PPG Wave 2.V

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PPG Wave 2.V
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PPG Wave 2.V is the reincarnation of a cult, which started back in 1982.

The Wave 2 series was the first digital wavetable synthesizer with analog filters, heralding a revolution in both sound and concept. The Wave's most interesting feature was its ability to sweep through 64 waveforms in what PPG called a wavetable.

Almost 2000 waveforms were available within the Wave's 32 internal wavetables. The result of this wavetable technology is that the PPG instrument has a much broader palette and more animated sound than typical analog synthesizers of the early 80's, which tended to have only a few static waveforms such as sawtooth, pulse, or triangle. The PPG sound was very unique and identifiable.


* 8 part multi-timbral.
* 32 wavetables with 64 different waveforms each.
* 2 oscillators per voice.
* Low-pass filter with Emphasis.
* 1 LFO.
* 3 envelopes (2 ADSR, 1 AD).
* Velocity and Aftertouch sensitivity.
* Graphical interface for envelope generators and Cutoff/Emphasis.
* Number of voices depending solely on CPU power.
* Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters.
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