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At first sight Poseidon looks like a simple structured analog "Oscillator-Filter" synthesizer with all controls visible at once. This gives Poseidon ease-of-use with almost no learning curve. The real power is working under the hood: The oscillator is nothing less than the spectral modelling sound generator of VirSyn's CUBE synthesizer and the variable slope Filter is a completely new design based on VirSyn's unique F-domain synthesis.


* Spectral modelling oscillator
o 512 oscillators
o Harmonic/inharmonic spectra
o Arbitrary noise spectra
o 8 times unisono mode
* Time machine
o Free control over temporal evolution of sound.
o Modulatable time stretching/compression.
o Time freeze.
* Timbre control
o Natural Brightness control.
o Balance partial spectrum and residual noise.
o Frequency stretching.
o Amplitude/Frequency blur filter.
* F-Domain Filter
o Lowpass / Highpass / comb / Anti-resonance.
o Unique design with resonance and bandwidth.
* Spatializer
o Independent moving stereo position of each partial.
* Resynthesis
o AIFF/WAV sample import.
o Sine spectrum.
o Residual spectrum.
* Effects
o Chorus/Phaser/Flanger.
o Distortion.
o Echo/Delay.
o Reverb.
* Arpeggiator
* Scala compatible Microtuning
* MIDI learn function
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