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Plectrum V2 comes to you as a 3-DVD set, and contains the Kontakt 2 Player engine along with the 12GB Plectrum sound library.

Much more than a tool or content library, Plectrum is a creative work of instrument design. Gee created his instruments from sounds made by plucking, strumming, tapping, scraping, and flicking a range of stringed instruments and found objects. Collecting thousands of full length high resolution samples, he voiced and tuned the sounds into full-range, expressive keyboard instruments. Plectrum's interface presents these instruments in nine categories based on these sound sources:

1. Strummed Strings
2. Struck Strings
3. Plucked Strings
4. String Harmonics
5. Glass
6. Ceramics
7. Metals
8. Found Objects
9. Habitats.

Plectrum V2 Overview:

* 187 original instruments.
* 45 combination "Multis".
* Round robin playback, with multiple articulations under every key.
* Nine easy access categories.
* Fast instrument loading and selection.
* Fully multi-timbral, allowing custom split and layer "Multis".
* High performance audio engine, powered by Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player (AU, VST, RTAS, and Standalone).
* Thousands of full length high resolution samples, voiced for making music.
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