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Origami is a real-time Impulse Response Processor. Based on Yellow Tools' Advanced Effect Technology (A.E.T.) Origami offers powerful impulse response processing with low CPU usage.

With the integration of many special features you can customize the different rooms to meet your demands. The intuitive and easy-to-use rack functionality gives you immediate access to over 25 IR audio files from Inspired Acoustics and an audio import option. Origami offers three independent snapshot slots; you can add an unlimited number of insert effects to each slot and easily change their order using drag'n'drop. For an intuitive workflow, the order of the insert effects in the rack corresponds to the progression of your audio input signal.

Contrary to a synthetically produced "Reverb" the Impulse Response processing of Origami uses real rooms for the creation of the reverb - a "fingerprint" of the acoustic characteristics of a real room is used. With this fingerprint one can provide arbitrary acoustic signals. This form of reverb creation is also called "convolution reverb", since during the signal generation the mathematical operation of convolution is used. This technology is not only limited to simulating rooms, rather each acoustic system can be simulated.

Top features:

* High-end Impulse Response Processor.
* Premium IR library from Inspired Acoustic.
* Real-time "Positioner" feature.
* Additional Inserts "4 band parametric EQ", "Gate", "Channel Manager" and "XY Panorama".
* Easy-to-use virtual rack functionality.
* Intuitive user interface.
* Three snapshot slots.
* Host & MIDI automation.
* Host & MIDI learn option.
* Drag'n'drop flexibility.
* Unlimited number of inserts.
* Highly optimized CPU usage.
* Copy/paste support of presets.
* Copy/paste support of snapshots.
* Cross-platform patch compatibility.
* Cross-host patch compatibility.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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