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Nebula3 Free

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Nebula3 Free
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Nebula3 Free is a fully functional, cut down version of Nebula3 Pro.

Nebula is a multi-effect plug-in that is able to emulate and replicate several types of expensive audio equipment, eliminating the need for costly and bulky hardware. Nebula uses libraries which are created using a sophisticated "sampling approach" making it possible to "record" aspects of the sound of audio devices and play them back. The result of this sampling process is highly realistic, complex emulations of many types of audio signal processes, captured and utilized all within a plug-in that is compatible with all major DAW's and editing software.

Inside this bundle you will find:

* Nebula3 Free (CoreII Engine): the free multi-effect plug-in.
* N.A.T.3 free: the free FX Sampler.
* The free library: small, fully-functional preset library.
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Windows All

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