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Microphone Modeler

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Microphone Modeler
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Microphone Modeler uses Antares' "Spectral Shaping Tool" technology to create digital models of a wide variety of microphones, from historical classics to modern exotics, as well as a selection of industry-standard workhorses. Simply tell the Microphone Modeler what microphone you are actually using and what microphone you'd like it to sound like.


* Proprietary DSP-based acoustic modeling allows any reasonable quality microphone to sound like any of a wide variety of high-end studio mics.
* Models reproduce the effects of windscreens, low-cut filters, pattern-dependent frequency response and proximity effects.
* Create hybrid mics that combine the bass response of one mic with the treble response of another.
* Add a model of classic tube saturation distortion.
* Use during mixdown to change the mic on an already recorded track.
* Simple to use - select the mic you're using and the mic you want it to sound like.
* Includes an extensive collection of digital models of historical classics, modern exotics, and industry-standard workhorses.
* Additional models can be downloaded from the Antares web site.

A complete list of microphones modeled can be found here.
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