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VST Plugins by :
* 16/24/32-bit disk streaming.
* HD recording (ASIO/DS).
* Supports VST2.0 instruments and effects.
* ASIO2.0, MME and DirectSound playback.
* Mixer with master, group, insert and send effects.
* 5 track modes: MIDI, Audio, Softsynth, Param and Disk.
* 128 tracks with unlimited number of parts.
* Tape-style transporter.
* Audio recording, re-sampling and MIDI to audio sampling.
* Sample accurate automation of plug-ins.
* Free sample player, synthesizers and drum machine.
* Free Phrase sequencer.
* 3 step-recording modes.
* Pianoroll with integrated event list.
* Songs can be saved directly to wav (audio/softsynth/disk).
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