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M51galaxy features custom SynthEdit modules and hybrid synthesis along with rhythmic algorithmic generators, and can be used for anything from ambient-space to high techno-trance.


* 2 completely independent synths each with:
o PDO (Phase Distortion Oscillator) with 2*8 waveforms.
o SUB (VA Oscillator) with 7 waveforms and a 12dB/oct SV Filter.
o FM capability for metallic sounds.
o Ensemble, Detune, Mono mode, Portamento, Vibrato.
o Two 8 Stage Graphic Envelopes (AMP and MOD) with save and load file functions.
o LFO (BPM synced) with an unique Arpeggiator.
o Pulsar (BPM synced, creates the algorithmic element).
o Easy to operate 3 * 5 Modulation Matrix.
* FX:
o Stereo Chorus/Flanger.
o Stereo BPM synced Cross-Delay.
o Auto-panner.
o 2 Warps with distortion (no/soft/hard) and resonant lowpass filter. Recordable gestures and load and save file functions.
* Global:
o Keyboard split.
o Virtual keyboard for audition.
o 16 step trance gate.
o Multi-timbrality: 2.
o Polyphony: 6 voices (each synth).
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