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Lush is designed as a pad synth for creating ambient or spacey atmospheres in any kind of music - slow, evolving, interweaving soundscapes are its specialty.


* Four oscillators, three with sine, saw, triangle pulse (PWM) white and pink noise waveforms each with an individual on/off switch and volume control. The 4th oscillator is a stereo sample player with 12 built in stereo samples. The volume section contains a standard ASDR envelop and a main volume knob.
* Dual two pole resonant filters with the ability to split a percentage of the output of each oscillator to each filter. Oscillator 1 and 4 can even have the split modulated in the modulation matrix. There is a link button which means filter 2 follows filter 1 separated by the value of the offset knob. Each filter can be separately panned.
* Modulation: This section is the heart of Lush. In the modulation matrix in the centre of row 2 the sources are down the left hand side and the destinations along the top. Both negative and positive values are possible, double click sets to zero. Also on row 2 are a step input (MIDI gate) and a continuous graphical input which can both be synced with the clock of the sequencer in steps from 1 to 64. In row 3 there are two syncable LFOs with multiple waveforms, a random switch and a second ASDR envelope which can be assigned in the matrix.
* Effects: The final row is the effects section with a synced stereo delay, stereo chorus and reverb.
* All controls can be automated from MIDI and there is a MIDI learn facility to let the user set their own controller numbers.
* There are 84 presets to use as starting points and 48 blank user presets.
* CPU usage is low.
* PDF manual.
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