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Little Frantic

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Little Frantic
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Little Frantic is a stripped down version of Basement Arts' Frantic Filter , sporting the same audio-engine in a compact straight forward user interface.

Little Frantic Filter is equipped with five dual-stereo-filter modes that offer a wide range of applications. The combination with the OSCar inspired filter separations aims to give that creamy delicate sound while offering even more flexibility than the original.


* Dual 'true stereo' filters with serial/parallel modes.
* 5 filter-combinations with carefully selected characteristics.
* Filter closely modelled after analogue legends.
* Filter-Separation inspired by the OSC Oscar.
* 1 syncable super fast LFO with 4 modulation destinations.
* Unique stereo modulation feature.
* 1 Envelope Follower.
* Variable oversampling with 24bit 192K compatibility.
* MIDI Learn for all Parameters.
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