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Kreator XL

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Kreator XL
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Kreator is a sample-based "SoundStation" plug-in powered by Steinberg's HALion Player (v3.2).

The 4.7 GB library includes 1/2 GB of tempo-adjustable REX files and user-definable interactive-variable accompanying grouped 50-160 BPM drum beats from Primus-Guns N Roses-Buckethead-Godflesh recording artist and producer Bryan "Brain" Mantia. In addition to "expressive workhorse instruments" and "unique elements", Kreator ships with, what AudioWarrior claim to be, "the first literally MIDI strummable and highly coveted studio-quality Akoustik Dreadnought Strummer and Elektrik Guitar with 85 built-in user-strummable chords and Chromatic programs".

Akoustik Dreadnought Strummer and Elektrik Guitar both utilize AW's Patent Pending "G-mapping" providing "perfectly accurate user strummable guitar chords (no prior guitar-chord knowledge necessary) on any MIDI keyboard in real time"; available for the first time outside of Reason. The up & down strumming motion on a guitar translates to a left & right strumming motion on your keyboard for interactive individual chord strumming.

In addition to 85 strummable chords and chromatic patches, Elektrik Guitar uses 5 alternating "singing" samples per key with notes that transition to their alternating relative harmonics with vibrato.
Never play the same sample twice consecutively; All mapped with PitchWheel and Modulation.


* 256 Voice Polyphony.
* 16 instruments/sounds on 16 MIDI channels simultaneously per instance allows any combination of layering.
* Loads and Saves Banks and Programs.
* One-Window Sound Category System.
* 8 Quick "Q" Controls -> Set & Forget MIDI Learn.
* Sound Edit Q Controls with MIDI-Learn include: Cutoff, Resonance, DCF Amount, DCA Attack, DCA Decay, DCA Sustain, DCA Release, DCA Amount, Volume, Tune.
* Kreator takes full advantage of the built-in effects of the HALion Player.

Kreator instruments/sounds are upgradeable and include a dedicated upgrade path to HALion 3; the Kreator HSB files (.hsb ) load directly into HALion 3.
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