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Kick-Ass Brass!

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Kick-Ass Brass!
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Kick-Ass Brass! is a virtual instrument version of AMG's brass library of the same name. This library is an extended and improved version, and includes additional new and extended instruments (Baritone Sax & Muted Trumpet).

Kick-Ass Brass! is 8 part multi-timbral and designed for multi-timbral arranging and live performance applications. The library contains three types of files: Instruments, Sections and FX presets.

An Instrument is the fundamental building block of the library, such as the Alto Sax. Instruments are divided into a number of Variations. A Variation is a particular way of playing the given instrument – for example there are different Variations for the Alto Sax instrument when it is played with vibrato, as staccato stabs, swells etc.

FX Presets
The library includes a number of FX presets that can be loaded into the two built-in stereo 64-bit FX units. The two FX units are shared by all 8 channels, but you can set independent FX send levels for each Timbre. FX presets cannot be edited.

A Section file contains the Instrument assignments and settings of all 8 channels, plus both FX units. There are a number of preset Sections in the Library offering suggested combinations of Instruments and Variations for various purposes.
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