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Horizon combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer that always stays in key when the sequence is transposed.


* Two 32-voice oscillators with five stereo algorithms.
* 10 oscillator waveforms including 4 modulating contours (sine, saw, ramp, peak, triangle, square, curve, pulse-saw, sine-saw, res).
* Noise oscillator.
* Per voice distortion with 6 modes located before the filter.
* 2 stereo 6-pole filters running in serial or parallel.
* 3 tempo syncable LFOs (sine, triangle, ramp, saw, square, dip, hump, 4 curve modes, step rnd, smooth rnd).
* 3 envelopes.
* 9 modular destinations.
* 8 step phrase sequencer (transposes to user input scale).

Horizon was created for dance leads and improvised sequencing. The oscillators are also capable of producing panoramic pads, before any stereo effects are applied to the signal.
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