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Guitar Combo: AC Box Combo

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Guitar Combo: AC Box Combo
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The AC BOX Combo's popular role model revolutionised British pop music. From soft to distorted - this combo has a uniquely inspiring sonic character. The original combo was often used with a tremolo, a treble booster and spring reverb. These features, as well as the 2x12 cabinet and condenser mic setup, have been meticulously emulated and recreate the original sound.


* Treble Booster for crunch and distortion sounds.
* AC Box Amplifier (emulation of the Vox AC30).
* 2x12" Brit cabinet and a condenser microphone (emulation of the AC 30 "Blue Bulldog" and the Neumann U87).
* Tremolo.
* Spring Reverb.
* Chromatic tuner.

NOTE: The Guitar Combos are included with Audio Kontrol 1 and are no longer available separately.
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