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Gimme Head

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Gimme Head
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Gimme Head is described as "flashy, obscene and holds NOTHING back".

Here's what Ken has to say about Gimme Head: "The Gimme Head is balls to the wall, 'who gives a flying @#$% about anything' amp. It is inspired by the classic tones of the 1970's Punk movement and as such has all the attitudes already built in. Although you can get some nice Clean Tones from it, The Gimme head will just call you a capitalist pig and puke on your floor for doing that to it. The Gimme head is even dressed in a Leopard Skin Thong and Fishnets... The most controversial of all the ABG plugins, if you feel like getting kicked in the nuts... This is your amp."

Bear in mind the Preampus Line amps are Head ONLY so you will need to use some external cabinet modeling.
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