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Freedom's easy-to-use rack functionality gives you immediate access to over 40 filters and effects, including Yellow Tools' Impulse Response processor "Origami LE" with 25 IR models and audio import option. Freedom offers three independent snapshot slots - you can add an unlimited number of insert effects to each slot and easily change their order with drag n drop.

Feature highlights:

* Over 40 effects.
* Easy-to-use virtual rack functionality.
* Intuitive User Interface.
* Three Snapshot slots.
* Host and MIDI automation.
* Host and MIDI Learn option.
* Extended drag n drop flexibility.
* Unlimited number of insert effects.
* Highly optimized CPU usage.
* Copy/Paste support of presets.
* Copy/paste support of snapshots.
* Hundreds of editable presets.
* Cross platform patch compatibility.
* Cross- host patch compatibility.
* Origami LE - Impulse Response processor including 25 premium impulses from Inspired Acoustics.
* Expandable.

Effects Overview (* Free download after registration):

* Impulse Response processor:
o Origami LE & Stage Positioner
* Equalizers:
o 4-Band Parametric
o 6-Band Parametric
o Vintage 3-Band
* Filters:
o 2S Filter
o X Filter
o Filter Follower
o Low-Cut Filter
o High-Cut Filter
o Multi-mode Filter
o Autofilter*
* Dynamics:
o Compressor
o Limiter
o Gater
* Modulations:
o Doubler
o Chorus
o Flanger
o Phaser
o Vinylizer
o Vibrato*
o Tremolo*
* Distortions:
o Time Clipper
o Bit Reduction
o Dual Band Distortion
o Tube Distortion
* Delays:
o Filter Delay
o Delay
o Echo
* Helper:
o Volume
o Panorama
o XY panorama
o Phase Invert
o Sample delay
o Level meter
o Metronome*
* Reverbs:
o Reverb
o Reverb Two
* Miscellaneous:
o Ring Modulator*
o WahWah*
o Rotary*
o Metalizer*
o Spread*

If you want to use Freedom's filters and effects in a surround environment, the Freedom Surround Extension, a separate extension for Freedom, supports any professional surround format up to "Surround 8.0" and contains special features for multi channels, filters and effects.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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