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Nearly 2 years in development, Frantic was modeled after famous analogue legends like the Korg MS20, Oberheim Xpander, OSC Oscar, Sherman Filterbank and the classic Moog Filter. But Frantic is more than just a great sounding filter. The Filter Separation known from the Oscar gives that creamy delicate sound but offers much more filter combinations than the original. Basement Arts has combined the different classic filters with an easy to use interface that can do basic modulations quickly and intuitively but is also capable of complex audio surgery via the central modulation matrix. The matrix offers a tricky shape X with Y feature that was inspired by the Crumar Spirit and gives access to some unique stereo modulations of the 2 true stereo filters.


* Dual true stereo filters with serial/parallel modes.
* Over 40 filter-modes with over 800 possible filter-combinations.
* Filter closely modeled after analogue legends like Korg MS20, Oberheim Xpander, OSC Oscar and Minimoog.
* Filter-Separation inspired by the Oscar + 10 fixed musical filter-offset intervals.
* Unique stereo modulation features.
* 10 slot Modulation Matrix with 50 sources - over 75 destinations and unique shaping feature inspired by the Crumar Spirit.
* Pre and post Distortion with lo/hi cut filters.
* Sample rate Reduction and Bitcrusher pre/post filter.
* 3 VCAs.
* 4 syncable super fast LFOs with uni/bi polar and double/half tempo clones.
* 2 Keytrack modules.
* 2 Envelope Followers.
* 4 Envelopes with MIDI trigger.
* Variable oversampling with 24bit 192K compatibility.
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