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Antares Filter gives you everything you need to harmonically shape your tracks with surgical precision or animate them with an almost limitless variety of tempo-synced rhythmic effects.

Featuring four great-sounding stereo multimode filters, four independent delay lines, a prodigious complement of control sources, powerful modulation capabilities, and features optimized for rhythmic loop-based applications, Filter is a flexible, fun, easy-to-use power tool for creating tracks (or entire mixes) that pulse with life and character.

Key Features:

* Four warm, analog-sounding stereo multimode filters.
* Lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch modes.
* Variable slope: 12dB/oct ­ 48dB/oct.
* Four full-featured delay sections.
* Multiple filter routing options.
* Four Envelope Generators.
* Four multi-shape LFOs.
* Envelope Follower.
* Two Rhythm Generators.
* Powerful Modulation Matrix.
* Extensive MIDI control.
* Every time-based parameter syncable to MIDI.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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